Public Relations is creating deliberate and impactful awareness about a person, company, message, product, or service among a targeted or widespread audience. Using an integrated and strategic approach, the most effective results come from owning the narrative, brand positioning, content creation and distribution, timing, and methodology in which the information is released. Media relations is one of the most important elements of public relations and requires a masterful approach driven by expertise and relationships across the media landscape: print, digital, and broadcast. 

Thought Leadership & Executive Profile Building is strategically ideating, creating, and sharing meaningful points of view from leaders' perspectives and voices that drive awareness and impact for the executive and/or the brand or company they represent. This includes but is not limited to: ghost-writing bylines, securing speaking opportunities at conferences and on stages that matter, sharing thought-provoking messages on social media and other channels, and providing expert commentary in a proactive and reactive way around relevant and timely topics in the news (also called, "Newsjacking").


Marketing and Advertising include paid efforts such as traditional advertising, new media advertising, social advertising, advertorials and paid content, and sponsored opportunities at events, conferences or in a format that requires payment to secure. 


Social and Digital Content is often viewed as the first line of communication. It's the collective vehicles of message distribution and positioning where you have complete and total control over the content, formatting, timing, and architecture of strategy. This includes, but is not limited to: your personal, professional, company, or product website, social media pages and profiles, emails, business cards, newsletters (digital/print), and additional assets you've created (images, videos, podcasts, infographics, original data, and communication materials such as bios, press releases, company fact sheet, and overall press kit).

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