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Media Relations: Masks for America

In March 2020, COVID-19 was officially declared a global pandemic, and the number of cases soared throughout the world. Lives were at risk, the economy crashed, businesses closed, and hospitals were facing severe shortages on PPE. 


Buck Mason, the men’s retail company, quickly pivoted its manufacturing and retail power toward a 1-for-1 mask production and donation program, generating hundreds of thousands of Kinsey Institute-style masks. 


To grow awareness of the donation program, where Buck Mason would deliver one mask for every mask purchased to a health system in the U.S., they needed a powerhouse PR team that would get them hits and spread the word - fast. 


In the first weekend of the media relations campaign, “Buck Mason’s Masks for America,” mask orders went from 25K to 75K, then to 130K three days later, now at 712K. 


LA retailer Buck Mason makes masks for the masses to protect against coronavirus
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